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Harvesting Prosperity from Agricultural Supply Chains
Welcome to Nisun International Group Limited, a leader in supply chain business in Asia. Every day, we source and supply millions of eggs, ensuring freshness and efficiency from farm to table. Our expertise in supply chain management enables us to meet the demands of our clients and expand into new product lines, driving innovation and growth.
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Supply Chain Management
We offer comprehensive supply chain management services, tailored to your specific business requirements, with a focus on quality control, storage, and logistics.
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Financing Solutions
Nisun International Development Group Limited offers innovative financing solutions by connecting customers with ideal financial institutions. Our platform ensures businesses receive tailored financial support without
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Quality Control
We provide comprehensive quality control services that enable you to deliver high-quality products to your customers, with a focus on inspection, testing, and documentation.
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Efficient Supply Chain Management
Reliable Quality Control
Streamlined Logistics Solutions
Innovative Technology Integration
Enhanced Business Performance
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Optimized Supply Chain Efficiency
Cost-Effective Logistics
Tailored Supply Chain Solutions
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Meet Our Expert Team: The Driving Force Behind Nisun International’s Success
Mr. LIU has over 10 years of fintech experience. Before joining Nisun International, he was President and CEO of Huizhong Business Consulting, Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Hengtai Puhui Information Services, and President and CEO of Hangzhou Rongdu Technology. He has worked on projects with CSRC, NEEQ, E-Capital Transfer, Shanghai Clearing House, Beijing Financial Assets Exchange, and Hundsun Technologies. Mr. Huang holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Technology from Shanghai University of Electric Power.
Ms. Liang has been CFO since August 2019. She also serves as CFO of Fintech (Shanghai) Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and previously worked as a senior financial manager at Shanghai NiSun Enterprise Management Group. From 2010 to 2017, she was a Financial Officer at Chubutsu Precise Electronic Company. Ms. Liang holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from China Central Radio and TV University.